Global Bartending Talent Agency
Global Bartending Talent Agency

Global Bartending see sustainability not as a current trend, but as a way of life.

Sustainability runs through the heart of Global Bartending, and we are proud of our eco-conscious principles. We continually strive to find new innovations that enable us to take a more holistic approach to a sustainable business. 

Ethics & Transparency


We champion Human Rights, diversity and fair business practices across all platforms of our business. This commitment is driven by a belief that engaging a diverse supply base is mutually beneficial: fostering competition; creating opportunity; and generating value by broadening the pool of supplier expertise, perspectives, and capabilities. 

People & Partners


Our team & talent are the beating heart of our business. We do our best to ensure a good work-life balance for all and that we support local people and businesses to help grow our wonderful industry both on a local and global level.

Environment & Climate

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We look at every part of our supply chain to ensure we are working towards eliminating single use plastics, the most efficient & carbon friendly transportation and zero waste where we look to donate all our remaining ingredients from events to local care homes and schools.

Innovation & Technology

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We are very focused on working with the best in our industry and pushing boundaries with the use of technology. We partner with forward-thinking businesses like Evogro revolutionising the way we grow produce in-house in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Health & Wellbeing

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We at Global Bartending champion and work closely with our partners Healthy Hospo and La Maison Wellness to bring to the forefront the conversation and action around mental health, nutrition and fitness within the hospitality industry.

Sourcing & Ingredients

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We are proud to source produce from an array of quality suppliers from around the world. Our aim is to support independent suppliers by sourcing produce that gives back to local communities. We only select produce superior in freshness and flavour, with a focus on using seasonal produce. All our recipes are free from artificial preservatives and colourings.