Global Bartending launches EXPERIENCES AT HOME platform

There is no hiding from the stark reality that the hospitality industry is facing enormous uncertainty, however brands and bars are using adversity and resilience to embrace new directions post Covid19. We’re seeing the rapid adoption of new concepts with direct to consumer experiences from beverage companies and bars, reflecting the changing landscape of the industry. With lockdown restrictions eased, the hospitality industry is welcoming customers back with open arms (and impeccable safety measures). However, in a bid to support the bricks and mortar trade, immersive ‘at home’ experiences are transporting guests to a world of exceptional drinks and world leading bartenders all in the comfort of their own home.

Why stay in when you can (finally) go out?

Intense lockdowns across the world are gradually being lifted, and we are seeing a weather-beaten hospitality trade finally being able to open their doors and arms to their much-loved customers. Although encouraging customers to eat and dine out is the number one priority, building trust and confidence will be more of a marathon than a sprint. Global Bartending are keen to support this transition to keep bars and drinks sales buoyant with an additional route to market – welcome the branded ‘at home’ experience. This holistic approach to socialising and drinking connects and engages with consumers creating a memorable experience at home with serious savour-flair!

Global Bartending currently have 10 different Experiences At Home, from Japanese Drink Making to The No & Lo Cocktail Experience. In addition to these, we also provide bespoke experiences to allow you to embrace your inner creativity. Enquire Here!

The Global Bartending Experience

Global Bartending holds a unique position within the global hospitality market, combining leading bartenders and top-level drinks brands & bars to provide an extraordinary experience at home. Our ‘experiences at home’ platform is supporting the on-trade by creating captivating experiences that cater for every taste and occasion. One of our most recent events took world leading barman and Global Bartending talent member Deano Moncrieffe and his bar, HACHA directly into the home of the consumer.

“Last week thanks to Global Bartending Talent Agency, I was able to bring our award-winning Mirror Margarita & other HACHA cocktails directly into the home of consumers and provide an ultimate luxury drinking experience. It was so exciting to be able to provide an authentic Hacha Bar experience to consumers in the comfort of their own home.” Deano Moncrieffe, barman and owner of HACHA Bar, London.

Global trend of bottled cocktails

The concept of batching cocktail is by no means new, in fact it was as far back as 1927 where Jerry Thomas included a section in his book how to mix drinks on ‘preparing cocktails for bottling’. Now, the ready to drink market is expanding rapidly more so with the events of lockdown. Several brands have responded to demand by developing pre-batch cocktails that resemble no similarity to the eyewatering pub margherita and supermarket high sugar blends made for the masses. Pre-batch is a totally different concept, that, when carefully crafted, will deliver the same taste and aroma experience as a freshly made cocktail. 

‘We operate Europe’s only cocktail facility dedicated to bespoke pre-batch and bottled cocktails; World of Zing provides cocktails to around 250 of the UK’s leading venues – from the minibars of The Langham Hotel to the tables of Bill’s restaurants.’ Pritesh Mody from World of Zing.

Pritesh goes on to say ‘Whether it’s sustainability through the use of alternative acids, to reduced wastage and even truly understanding the science of flavour to create the very best version of any drink, once this is understood, venues can truly start to maximise both in-house customer experience and open up the new world of revenue streams.’

Experiences At Home