Global Bartending were proud to be the execution partner for the launch of The London Essence Company’s new Fresh Serve innovation, as it looks to bring tonic dispense into the realm of premium drinks.

The fount features ‘micro-dosing technology’ which creates mixers freshly infused with distilled botanicals at the point of dispense.

London Essence hopes the innovation will suit both consumer demand for premium drinking experiences and trade demand for quality, operational simplicity, and improved sustainability reducing packaging by 96%.

The fount offers five different flavoured tonics: Indian Tonic, Elderflower Tonic, Cucumber Tonic, Grapefruit Tonic and Rhubarb Tonic. 

The design features copper and stainless steel as well as a ‘vortex to elevate the consumer experience’.

Keith Richardson, director of new technologies at The London Essence Company, said: ‘Boasting a simple three-step process, London Essence Fresh Serve starts with a balanced and consistent tonic base to which optimally chilled water is then added and carbonated. Post carbonation, specially designed cartridges release droplets of distilled botanicals… into the liquid to achieve freshness and the purest flavour. Just one cartridge accounts for up to 1,000 200ml serves.’