The House of Suntory was designed & produced and managed by Global Bartending; located in the centre of the London Cocktail Week village where you moved your way through the hustle and bustle of our traditional Izakaya Alley to experience 3 beautifully crafted Japanese spirits; Haku Vodka, Roku Gin & Toki Whisky. As in Japan the Izakaya alley is the best place to go bar hoping and to experience the best drinks and atmosphere that the country has to offer. You were taken through 3 individual multi-sensory masterclasses to understand the true meaning behind this elite collection of Japanese spirits.

At the heart of The Essence House was a unique hands-on experience, curated by Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart, one of only a handful of experts dedicated to the science of gastronomy and flavour perception in the UK. A series of interactive taste and aroma tests helped identify each individual’s palate profile, exploring how nature and nurture play a part in the flavours that they like and dislike, and helped to enhance their drinking experiences through the understanding of their taste preferences, resulting in an array of cocktail combinations uniquely crafted with a World Class spirit offering.  

During each of the four nights the house welcomed an industry-leading bartender, handpicked by Global Bartending and London Essence from some of the World’s most revered bars, including: Liana Oster from The World’s No.1 Bar Dante in New York, James Fowler owner of Terrior Tapas in Bournemouth; the UKs most sustainable Bar and Lorenzo Antinori from The Four Season Hotel Group in Hong Kong.

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